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Policy Optimisation

policy optimization can help customers reorder their rule bases for optimal throughput and CPU usage

Multi Vendor Support

automating and managing network security policies for leading vendors and platforms

Network Segmentation

define, manage and distribute security groups and policies.

Rule Usage Statistics

Rule usage statistics and full history activity

Cut down costs and rise up ROI. Elastic Firewall enables you to:


Gain control over Linux iptables firewall

Elastic firewall opens the door to a whole new environment of possibilities, where you gain full control over your firewall, automatically appending rules in the chain through a single deck interface. Managing more than 1000 linux iptables firewalls in just one click has never been easier.

Take ownership over operations

With Elastic Firewall you will gain full control over a series of repetitive and tiring actions, reducing a lot of the traction off the backs of your IT specialists or completely relieving your IT from the tiring tasks of firewall management.

Integrate on multiple machines

Unlike the average firewall tool, Elastic Firewall alows multiple machine integration and supports a wide range of operating systems.

Manage all your firewalls

Handle everything from a user friendly interface that will do the work - from very simple rulesets to large and rather complicated ones.

Align Application

Align operations through cross-departmental management, by the strength of security and network teams combined.

Create rules in the chain

go above and beyond the default behaviour and set automation in motion on multiple machines.

Secure data

keep your first line of defeense secure data processing inside your production environment

Reduce errors

increase accuracy of changes, reduce mistakes, and speed up the workflow of changes

Optimize iptables policies

scale iptables firewall policy management tools.

Manage access

manage all access to your server(/s) in one pane.
Secure Data
Reduce Costs
Secure Data
De-clutter workloads, automate operations

Automates firewall security & compliance audits through customizable, analysis, complex firewall configurations to clean up rules, optimize performance, & reduce risk. Elastic Firewall delivers network-aware analysis to model changes, validate ACLs, & simple troubleshoot. The intuitive, customizable dashboard gives you instant visibility into risk profile & security status.


Optimize Configuration

With Elastic Firewall security and operations teams can optimize the configuration of firewalls, routers, load balancers and web proxies to ensure security and compliance.

Protect your first line of defence

Manage and troubleshoot network security policies even across complex multi-vendor environments from a central point manager.

Trim costs

Auditing multiple firewalls or large firewall rulesets is time consuming and prone to errors that can leave an organization exposed to cyber threats and compliance risks. Elastic Firewall created a bridge between the organizational security policy and the specific implementation on each device.

Save time and money, go Elastic!

Elastic Firewall is a innovative SaaS, providing a software distribution model designed to free network administrators from the tedious work of manually setting rulesets and firewall policies.


Manage all your machines in one pane

manage all your firewalls from a centralized point using a single GUI, including VPN’s, VLAN’s, Tunnels, sysctl’s, etc.


Optimise Iptables Firewall Policies

policy optimization can help customers reorder their rule bases for optimal throughput and CPU usage.



Automate sent and received traffic packs. Create rules in the chain, going above and beyond the defaults behaviour and set automation on multiple machines.


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