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Linux Iptables Automation at its best – Elastic Firewall Manager


A firewall manager tool means freedom from tiring, repetitive actions for security managers, reduced costs for business owners, saving them a lot of the time and money that would otherwise go into firewall management and simply bad news for hackers.
Modern day hacking methods use automation to improve efficiency and scale attacks—which has, in turn, transformed hacking into a multi-billion dollar industry, branching out from online banking to bill payment and ecommerce. Even though malware targets the final user, casualties typically fall upon the website owners- who are legally bound to reimburse customers for fraudulent transactions.
A good firewall must now be able to stop automated attacks like site scraping, comment spam, application DDoS or vulnerability scans, so the need for firewall automation is a de facto requirement in setting coherent policies and efficient rulesets.
The “always on” mindset referencing to a holistic approach over a unified threat management, calls for a very leveled security at scale.

Robust vs. Flexible
A good firewall manager will balance robust monitoring and reporting with a flexible policy configuration, making it easier for administrators to review security policies developed by their peers.
Operating dozens and even hundreds of web servers can be a real challenge for many technology companies, not to mention that these servers may be located in different data centers or  different countries, but efw.io could spare you all the hustle. The centralized management suite designed by efw, which stands for Elastic Firewall, allows synchronized policies on multiple machines, even in the case of geographically dispersed devices.
Elastic Firewall, automation at its best

Elastic Firewall is a innovative SaaS, providing a software distribution model designed unlike the average firewall tool, in which it allows multiple machine integration, while supporting a wide range of operating systems.
The tool lets you align operations through cross-departmental management, by the strength of security and network teams combined, without having to learn a scripting language.
Centrally managing application security policies and monitoring events globally, this firewall orchestration tool will give you detailed security alerts and customizable reports for monitoring and forensics. The intuitive, customizable dashboard gives you instant visibility into risk profile & security status. This firewall automation manager will help you enable consistent policy enforcement and rapid troubleshooting with improved visibility.
At its core, Elastic Firewall was designed to give administrators the ability to perform at superhuman levels, at a fraction of the cost, saving a lot of time and money that go usually into firewall management.


Here are some of the features that will get you exited with the linux iptables firewall automation tool, that you can find on efw.io:
1) simple, smooth integration process, designed on three different levels: Free, the most blunt of all versions available, followed by the Basic and the Enterprise, the more advanced counterparts in terms of integration, interface and capabilities;
2)control over Linux Iptables on multiple machines;
3)costs: using the Elastic Firewall tool we managed to gain full control over a series of repetitive and tiring actions, reducing a lot of the traction off the backs of your IT specialists or completely relieving our IT from the tiring tasks of firewall management;
4)single deck interface appending rules in the chain through master deck interface enabled us to manage huge workloads of linux iptables firewalls in just a few clicks. Seeing is believing;


5)multivendor support: Elastic Firewall lets you automate and manage network security policies for all leading vendors and platforms;
6)keeping application in perfect alignment: through cross-departmental management, security and network teams combined;
7)reduce errors: appending rules in the command line manually leaves a lot of room for errors which may lead to disruptions. Do not fret, this tool is the way to increased accuracy of changes, reducing mistakes, and speeding up the overall workflow of changes.


8)free plan available: you can test the service to see how it works for you for free on a free plan with limited features indefinitely.

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